A Different Take on Kids Behaviors

What are children saying when they “act out”?

A mom brought her five year old son to see me.  He had been getting into trouble at school and was difficult at home.  They sat on the sofa  … he couldn’t keep his hands off her and she was clearly irritated.

At one point, I asked him:  “What do you know?”  He sat bolt upright and appeared to stop breathing.  His eyes locked into mine.  He said:  “Mikey (her boyfriend) is going to move in with us, and then he’s going to leave and Mommy’s going to cry.”  She burst into tears.

A week later she called to tell me that his “naughty” behaviors had all but disappeared, and, that she had broken up with her boyfriend!

Tool:   Ask a question!

The next time your child gets into trouble … for example, at school, rather than try to figure it out, ask him:  What is that?  What do you know about your teacher?  What do you know about those kids?  … and, what else do you know?  And, what else? …  Keep your opinions to yourself and just listen!

You might be amazed at what he actually does know!

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