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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal What's required? a small notebook a pen This activity is for you … For Parents! It’s a gratitude journal! I've been keeping one for the past several months, and I find that in doing so, I am more easily able to shift myself from wherever my head has taken me, to a sense […]

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Maple Syrup Snow Candy

Maple Syrup Snow Candy PREP TIME: 10 MinutesEXPERIMENT DURATION: 3 Simple Steps Equipment: popsicle sticks baking sheet candy thermometer medium sized pot Making maple candy or maple taffy this way is a popular winter tradition here Canada . It’s a regular activity at outdoor winter carnivals and at maple syrup festivals in late winter and […]

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Shiny Pennies

Shiny Pennies PREP TIME: 2 MINUTESEXPERIMENT DURATION: OVERNIGHT Supplies Needed: 3 cups 1 lemon Dark soda Water 3 pennies made before 1983 Science Question: Can you make a penny look new again?Pennies made before 1983 are made of mostly copper, which turns dull with age. Using the juice of a lemon, or a dark soda, […]

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