Storytime & Singalong Family Playlist

My ex husband and I broke up when our son Charlie was about 2 years old.

When we chose to dissolve the marriage and live in separate homes  there was not only an abrupt shift in Charlie’s schedule due to a breakup of our marriage but we also promptly chose new jobs where we would be away from our “home” city a lot.

I began to travel a lot for work & Charlie’s dad landed a position as a paramedic with a 2 week on / 2 week “off “ schedule.

To make the “away” time easier on all of us we started  recording story & song times that Charlie could listen to while we were apart.

For an example Listen HERE

To take it one step further - and allow all members of the family (eventually - Charlie is still a little young) to contribute whenever we like we made a Soundcloud account that we can all access.

What's been created is a list of all of our favourite stories & songs that Charlie can listen to when he's away form one of us.

What you’ll need:

  • A recorder or recording App on your phone - My favourite is VoiceRecorder  
  • A Soundcloud account - Get one for free HERE (reminder to pick an easy email & password for both mom & dad & kids (where applicable) can remember
  • Your favourite stories or songs
  • A computer and/or smartphone


Step 1
Download a recording App & Create a Soundcloud account

Step 2
Choose a  story or song for your first recording.

Decide if the first entry will be just you or you and your child together.
If your child is a performer (like mine), they will love to have their voice on the recording. Take time reading if it's a story or sing a song together.

Don't forget to press record 😉

You can also create your first pieces based on the challenging times that happen without you.
Example : If it's bedtime, maybe begin with a bedtime story.

Step 3
Upload audio (drag & drop). And upload picture .
Choose a graphic.. I love this part!  You can take a picture of your child's art or of the two of you together.
Remember - if you keep these tracks private no one will see or hear them but you guys.... (this is important if you're using photos of your family)

* When you upload your audio by dragging & dropping choose 'private'.

Step 4
Enjoy. Add to the list while you're alone or together & enjoy while you're apart.

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