What I love about facilitating The Foundation class

I took my first Foundation class eight years ago. That class changed everything for me. It turned my world upside down. It created space for me that hadn’t been available before. I was different. I was happier. I actually liked myself a little! And I noticed that people wanted to be around me, more than before.

The day after that class, members of my family and extended family came to our house for a holiday celebration. They stayed for three days. We had been estranged from each other for many years, and this was the first time in a very long time that we occupied the same physical space.

It was incredible!

We enjoyed each other’s company. We had conversations with each other we hadn’t dared dream about. Old wounds healed. The past lost its significance. And, we had fun together.

And, it happened without upset, without drama.

It was so different.

Since that first class, I’ve taken many Foundation classes and facilitated even more. What I love most about facilitating The Foundation class is opening doors for people in the class to have whatever kind of change in their worlds they would like to have. I love witnessing as people choose it in class … the woman who came to class looking and acting as if she was homeless, who was stunningly beautiful by the last day … the man who disliked kids, whose face was pinched and whose body was rigid on day 1, who on Day 4 had kids arguing over who got to sit in his lap as he played and laughed with them … And I love hearing from them after class … the marriages that healed … the relationships that changed … the businesses that took off and flourished … the abusive relationships that ended …

Every class is different. I look forward to each one.

For upcoming The Foundation classes with Anne Maxwell please visit HERE.

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