Anne Maxwell LCSW-RPTS, Author

"Some of my favorite kids are the ones that never fit in, that were always so different, and people never quite knew what to do with."

The Keys to the Magic

If you could learn new tools to use to integrate parents into the play therapy process in a way that could facilitate healing, would you use them?

By Anne Maxwell LCSW-RPTS

Contains tools you can use and questions you can ask to:

  • Be more at ease in the play therapy room
  • Learn new ways to integrate parents into the play therapy process
  • Discover what works for you as a therapist
  • Know how to respond to any situation that can arise
  • Be You in the play therapy room
  • Speak the language of play
  • Do assessments from a different perspective
  • Add new interventions both inside and outside of the play therapy room to your tool kit
  • Have so much fun with your clients
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