Shadow Art - Arts & Craft Project

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Shadow art is a fun activity that can be fun & inspiring to your kids... especially when you use their favorite toys & their shadows!


Start this craft by having your kids line up all their favorite toys outside. Or just choose one toy at a time.
Set the stage by getting the craft ready by putting a piece of white paper on the ground behind each toy. The best time of day to do it (if outdoors is when the sun is out and casting its shadow!

Then, challenge your kids to trace the shadow on the paper before the sun moves.
On cold days this can be done by taping the sheet of paper to a wall and and using a flash light or light source.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper or roll of paper
  • Drawing materials - crayons, pencil crayons, markers
  • favorite toys
  • light source
    on a sunny day : the sun
    on a rainy or cold day : a flash light or desk lamp

What to do: 

Step 1
Choose your space - outside with a clear place where the sun casts a bright shadow or an empy space in a room where flashlight can be mounted or desk lamp can be pointed to cast a shadow.

Step 2
Choose the toys or pieces to cast the shadow

Step 3
Unroll your roll of paper (to set up a parade of toys) or singe sheet

Step 4
Play with the light-source and objects with your child or children to cast funny / oblong shaped shadows or accurate

Step 5
Let the tracing begin!


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